Take the Shape

I started a yoga practice (again) in January of this year. A friend and I hauled ourselves and our lower back pain to a Bikram class weekly for a month or two. My back pain lessened as I strengthened my core, but unfortunately I went into Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana too far too soon and injured … Continue reading

Twirly Skirt

Every 8-year old needs a twirly skirt, so I made one for my girl’s birthday (along with the yoga skirt). I used a twirly skirt tutorial I found online. I love *love* finding free patterns online, because often the pattern is the most expensive part of the whole sewing endeavor. This pattern will definitely keep … Continue reading

Summer Hats

Thanks to a little tip off from Amber at Rowan & Oak, I found this free reversible bucket hat pattern from Oliver + S (sweetest childrens clothing patterns ever). I made their adorable kimono pajamas for both kids two years ago. Well, we just booked a snorkeling & beach trip to the Florida Keys & Sanibel Island at the … Continue reading

My Friday Night Date

My boy, his tummy, and I went on a date to the mother-son luau at school. The actual event was all craziness, but he was so happy. “This is fun, Mama.” And while many of the other boys ditched their moms and ran around together in the gym, he wanted me to participate in dancing, sports, … Continue reading

Pudding Extremes

This is the week of pudding extremes. In one corner, we have the vanilla pudding from The Homemade Pantry (love, *love* this cookbook). In the other corner, we have the vegan crazy woman chocolate blender pudding from Oh She Glows.   People, we have no losers here. It’s all good – really, really good. You can … Continue reading

Giant Salad Time

Lettuce production in the garden was increasing at a nice linear pace until a day or two ago, when some combination of time, rain, and mild temperatures caused an exponential growth explosion in the hoophouse. Now I have more lettuce, spinach, cilantro, and various greens than I know what to do with. Okay, that’s not entirely true. It’s … Continue reading

This Mama’s Day

I told the kids all I wanted for Mother’s Day were handmade cards, hugs, and a few hours to go to an ashtanga yoga class. My husband made good on the last wish, and I had a blissful morning during and post-yoga. The kids made good on the other two, and gave me such beautiful artwork and sweet … Continue reading

Rhubarb Sorrel Crisp & Rhubarb Muffins

The rhubarb is ripe, but my eyes may have been a teensy bit bigger than my stomach when I planted rhubarb. I have a literal rhubarb hedge. One of my requests for Mother’s Day was to make a rhubarb pie with the kids. My motives were threefold: 1) harvest and use rhubarb; 2) do an activity with the … Continue reading

Friday’s Front Page

My “expert gardener” daughter and I made Friday’s front page news! A reporter covering last weekend’s haps at the plant sale caught us conferring over plant selections and snapped this pic. We’ve been photographed by the newspaper so many times at events I didn’t give it a second thought until a neighbor informed me we’d … Continue reading

How My Garden Grows 5/8/12

The Rouge d’Hiver (left) and Black-Seeded Simpson (right) lettuces are ready for the salad bowl, and they are *to die for* (as far as lettuce goes, I mean I realize it’s not a chocolate torte, but still). If homegrown lettuce is a 10 on the tenderness scale, store-bought lettuce is a 5 or 6. No … Continue reading