Jane: Mama, Wife, Hydrogeologist, Gardener, Budding Permaculturalist, Vegetarian, Hiker, Runner, On-Again-Off-Again Yogi. Imperfect but well-intentioned. Earnestly seeking. Committed to living simply and well. Loves making things at home.

 John: Daddy, Husband, Environmental Consultant, Ashtanga Yogi, Avid Hiker, Builder of the Locust Arbor and the Chicken Coop. Focused, and Friendly. Opens jars that Jane cannot.

 Ava: Student, Animal lover, Gymnast, Yogi, Voracious Reader. Monkey Bar Expert. Loves to eat mashed potatoes. Snuggly and sweet, temperamental and strong-willed.

  Zak: Student, Sand Box Digger, Super Hiker, Soccer Player. Loves to play, preferably with someone. Mama’s Boy, except when he’s a Daddy’s Boy.  Loud. Snuggly.

We moved to the Little Green House in 2002, before the children were born. It is small, frustratingly so at times, but has taught us about efficient use of space, family connection, and simplifying possessions. Our greatest joys come not from the things inside the house, but our experiences and education that have taken place during our tenure here. There is charm in the 1875 house, and the 1.3 acres of garden, woods, and yard that surround it. There is beauty in the life we have built here, connected to the land and one another.

Our goal is to live close to the Earth, connected to one another, learning skills, building resilience, and nourishing ourselves with nature connection, plants, yoga, Wise Woman Healing ways, and community. And have a whole lotta fun doing it.

This blog is a documentary journal of our lives, our experiences, and our education.


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