Twirly Skirt

Every 8-year old needs a twirly skirt, so I made one for my girl’s birthday (along with the yoga skirt). I used a twirly skirt tutorial I found online. I love *love* finding free patterns online, because often the pattern is the most expensive part of the whole sewing endeavor. This pattern will definitely keep pace with her growth, and theoretically I could scale it up to make a twirly skirt for myself. I wrote that jokingly, but now I’m thinking….maybe I need one. Lest I take myself too seriously.

They are multi-purpose, after all.  Bike riding in a skirt is uber comfortable, and twirly skirts never get caught in the chain.

I also used the bottom half of a t-shirt and some matching fabric to make a matching ruffle-sleeve tank top. This was totally ad-lib so there is no pattern to share. It makes a cute set, easy for one-stop outfit assemblage on those nutty mornings when the kids either don’t seem to understand the phrase, “please go get dressed” or feel it’s necessary to flail around on the floor moaning, “but I don’t know what to weaaarrrrrrr.” (Don’t get me started, that’s another blog post no one really wants to read). She’s wearing it over a long-sleeved shirt here to ward off the April chill. As if the big birthday hug from here brother doesn’t do just that!


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