Pudding Extremes

This is the week of pudding extremes. In one corner, we have the vanilla pudding from The Homemade Pantry (love, *love* this cookbook). In the other corner, we have the vegan crazy woman chocolate blender pudding from Oh She Glows.


People, we have no losers here. It’s all good – really, really good. You can never go wrong with good old-fashioned vanilla pudding (the kids’ pick) – and this version is extra awesome because it’s made with raw whole milk from happy local cows. If you’re lactose intolerant, don’t like milk, or are vegan, then you opt for the crazy woman chocolate blender pudding (my pick) which includes frozen bananas,  frozen avocado, dates for sweetness, rice milk, and ice. Whip it up in the blender (I use my Vita-Mix)and it’s ready in 2 minutes. Oh, baby! The avocado makes it super silky, and the chocolate makes it my new favorite (and also disguises the taste of the avocado – the first time I made it I could still taste the avocado, but I solved that problem with another tablespoon of chocolate). I also add a tablespoon of sugar to it. It’s dessert, after all, I can do that!

My husband doesn’t eat milk or chocolate. Sorry sweetie, no pudding for you.

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