April in Maine

We needed a getaway. Just a little somethin’ fun. New England exploration. So we piled in the car on Sunday morning and drove to Maine. First stop: Mackworth Island, right near Portland, for an island circumnavigate and a visit to the  magical fairy houses that populate the woodland. We were all entranced, first by the snails and seaweed and receding tide of the ocean shore, and then the creative array of fairy shelters. Second stop: LL Bean in Freeport, for some last-minute ultralight backpacking gear for our upcoming backpacking trip. Got myself a pretty sweet Big Agnes sleeping pad. Hiking/camping gear has come a looooonnng way since I last bought much of it in 2000. Third Stop: Scarborough Beach State Park, for a walk along the beach and the Prouts Neck Cliff Trail. After a brisk and breezy few miles on the beach, we headed to Portsmouth for burritos and then drove our weary, happy selves home.

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