How My Garden Grows

Every late autumn, I am relieved at the reprieve from gardening, harvesting, and putting food by. It’s a lot of work, and waits for no one. Come spring, after planting the first seeds or transplanting seedlings into the garden, I wonder how I made it through the winter without gardening. It’s a bit like childbirth, the cycle of effort, fulfillment and forgetting that ensures that it happens again and again.

And thus my heart was singing today when I transplanted a few flats of seedlings into the new greenhouse. My sweet boy and I started these seeds back in March during the unseasonably warm stretch that spurred me into immediate gardening action. Have you ever seen so many beautiful shades of green? These are the colors of mustard, tatsoi, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Rouge d’Hiver lettuce, Winterbor kale, Bright Lights chard, basil, and cilantro (among others), which now reside in the greenhouse. They don’t look like much yet, but give them a week or two. We’ll be eating late April salads, for sure!

In the foreground of the hoophouse are spinach seedlings, which I started from seed about two weeks ago. Homegrown baby spinach is a particular delight of mine.

And elsewhere in the garden, the peas are up,

And the garlic (planted last autumn) grows more robust every day! There’s nothing like autumn-planted garlic to make one feel like a competent gardener.

Now I’ll let the greenhouse, the sun, the soil, and some much-needed rain do their magic!


One thought on “How My Garden Grows

  1. I love growing garlic too! It’s possibly my favorite thing to grow. Those tiny cloves planted in the dirt, and then I can eat green garlic and pull up all these big bulbs in the summer! It pleases me to no end.

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