My Flower Fairy

For her eighth birthday party, my daughter had two requests – a flower fairy theme and her four best friends. Are you kidding? A small party incorporating my love of herbs and flowers and nature? This mama’s dream come true! And I get to make my girl feel like a flower fairy princess for an afternoon, to boot. Good deal.

The party prep was simple – well, kinda.

Simple cupcakes decorated with a violet…

Sweet fairy crowns made with whatever was blooming….

And flower fairy goodie bags. I got a little carried away with these – lots of love labor there. I consider it my creative endeavour for the week. I really wanted to give the girls something out-of-the-ordinary, and introduce them to the world of herbs.  I made each of the girls a lavender sachet pillow, rose lotion (from Rosemary’s Perfect Cream recipe), glitter gel, lavender tea bags for lavender lemonade, fairy’s nourishing tea, and a flower fairy coloring book, and included a chocolate and a lollipop.

The week before the party my sweet little dumplings and I went on a few nature walks to gather natural materials to use to make fairy houses, including hickory bark, pine cones, lichen, moss, birch bark, shelf mushrooms, acorn caps, mullein leaves, and sticks. My husband also cut base and wall material from cedar shakes and scrap lumber.

The new fairy house handmade by GrandDave and furnished by Uncle Robb was ample inspiration to get their ideas flowing.

 These girls were so creative and made such interesting houses! It’s neat to see their different personalities shine through their artistic choices.

The other activity was a scavenger hunt. I photocopied pictures of several flower fairies and their poems from the Cicely Mary Barker books for thirteen flowers, herbs, and trees in our yard. The girls looked for the plant associated with each fairy and found the next clue. Their goodie bags were the prize hidden in my children’s nature fort. I thought it might be too much to expect them to contain their enthusiasm enough to stop and read each poem, but they were totally jazzed about it and took turns reading. It was really sweet. And they LOVED their goodie bags! Made my heart nearly burst.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Rose Fairy!


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