Posted in April 2012

How My Garden Grows 4/27/12

It’s hard to believe it’s not even May yet. The apples are blooming, but in fits and spurts – not the whole tree, and not all at once. There won’t be much of an apple crop this year. In my home county of Leelanau, Michigan the tart cherry crop losses are at 90%, the apples … Continue reading

Hiking Report: Pemigewasset Wilderness

With great joy and high hopes, we set off on our first family overnight backpacking trip in the Pemigewasset Wilderness of the White Mountains. I’ve been dreaming about this day for years. The goal was to give the kids their first postive backpacking experience. To stack the odds in our favor, we chose a completely flat trail along … Continue reading

April in Maine

We needed a getaway. Just a little somethin’ fun. New England exploration. So we piled in the car on Sunday morning and drove to Maine. First stop: Mackworth Island, right near Portland, for an island circumnavigate and a visit to the  magical fairy houses that populate the woodland. We were all entranced, first by the … Continue reading

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Okay, I know blogs about naturally dyed Easter eggs are a dime a dozen these days (and usually before Easter). But these eggs are just so satisfying and beautiful! In truth, I’m writing this my 2013 self as a reminder of what I want to do next year. With the demands of “birthday week” last week, Easter was a Saturday … Continue reading

Yoga Skirt

For me, a handmade gift is an expression of love. My mom instilled this in me early and I’ve carried it with me since. As a  child, I recall making potholders and electrical cord holders and cookies for numerous recipients. (FYI, an electrical cord holder involves gluing fabric- we used a lot of calico- over an empty toilet … Continue reading

How My Garden Grows

Every late autumn, I am relieved at the reprieve from gardening, harvesting, and putting food by. It’s a lot of work, and waits for no one. Come spring, after planting the first seeds or transplanting seedlings into the garden, I wonder how I made it through the winter without gardening. It’s a bit like childbirth, … Continue reading

My Flower Fairy

For her eighth birthday party, my daughter had two requests – a flower fairy theme and her four best friends. Are you kidding? A small party incorporating my love of herbs and flowers and nature? This mama’s dream come true! And I get to make my girl feel like a flower fairy princess for an afternoon, to boot. Good … Continue reading

My 4/4/04 Birthday Girl

On April 1, I was awakened by a great clattering in the kitchen and my children’s voices discussing toaster operation tips. Hmm… Fifteen minutes later, my husband and I were awakened (again, officially) by two beaming children carrying a tray into our room laden with orange juice and peanut butter-cinnamon sugar toast. Breakfast in bed, … Continue reading

Hike To Be Strong

I’ve lately been thinking a lot about nature connection, and the role it plays in my and my children’s lives. I often ponder this as I’m running through the forest on paths of soft, rust brown pine needles. After 25ish years of road running, I’ve made the complete switch to trail running. Originally, this switch was … Continue reading