Posted in March 2012

Fairy Breakfast

What makes pancakes and french toast divine? Blueberries, maple syrup, and violets! Miss A says the fairies approve. Mama says it’s a perfect trick for dressing up the pancakes she dug out of the back of the freezer (they never.even.suspected).

Make-Your-Own Garden Greenhouse

The low tunnel greenhouses are up! For a non-builder like me, these are nothing short of a design/build opus. Let me assure you I realize these are simple (and therein lies the beauty), but while I make food, herbs, fabric, and plants into things all day long, I don’t build big things. The chicken coop? … Continue reading

White Pine “Balsamic” Vinegar

Oh yes I did! Thanks to a tip from Wise Woman herbalist Susun Weed, I tinctured Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) needles in apple cider vinegar to make a faux balsamic vinegar. This is as simple as filling a jar with pine needles, covering with apple cider vinegar, capping, and letting tincture for a month. Visits to check … Continue reading

Broccoli Soup (Again)

My broccoli boy wanted broccoli soup for lunch today. Fortunately, I had 3 bags of homegrown broccoli in the freezer for just such an occasion (and honestly, it needed to be used). I used the recipe I already raved about as the starting point. It’s a beauty – 3 ingredients, and the proportions are somewhat forgiving. … Continue reading

Pinkham Notch

Our best days are those we’re settled in at home, working and playing outside as a family, or those we’re off on an adventure. February school vacation served up plenty of the latter, and found us hittin’ the xc ski and hiking trails of Pinkham Notch in the White Mountains. It was just enough of … Continue reading

Chili & Cookies

  One of my favorite cookbooks is Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair (check out her cooking “comedy show” at Cookus Interruptus). Easy, wholesome meals with ingredients that can be served individually for the youngest ones in the family to enjoy. I’ve mostly used this as a straight-up cookbook, and our favorite Red-Bean Quinoa Chili recipe … Continue reading

Spring Eggs

Today I collected five eggs for the first time since early last autumn. Between a fit of broodiness, then the lack of light, and the loss of a Red Star to a very sly fox, we’ve been getting four eggs at most. And yet there it was today, a little reminder that we’ve turned the … Continue reading

Sunflower Sprouts

I just had the most delicious sprout experience – sunflower sprouts!  Who knew they were so good? It all started innocently enough. I started wheat and sunflower sprouts to make the Sprouted Wheat Bread in Wild Flavors: One Chef’s Transformative Year Cooking from Eva’s Farm by Didi Emmons. Three days later, I had a bowl full of vibrant … Continue reading

Low Tunnel Hoophouse Design

Here’s my simple design and materials for a low tunnel hoophouse. I’ll use the hoophouse to extend the season for tender annuals and insulate cold-hardy vegetables and greens through the winter months. Materials are pinned on my low tunnel hoophouse pinboard on Pinterest.

Scenes from a Winter Weekend

A foot of snow last Thursday set us up for some good old-fashioned winter weekend fun, and partake we did. Finally, a proper snowman for 2012: Snow forts: Snow forts and hot chocolate: And snow fort expansions and hot chocolate: You get the idea. Good stuff.