Posted in January 2012

Winter Hike

The¬†kindergarten schedule switched from p.m. to a.m. today. So naturally it felt like the beginning of¬†a new year, with new energy. Having the morning to myself felt much more rhythmic and comfortable, like a slow waking up. Once Z got home, we headed out for a winter hike. Since all bets are off for this … Continue reading

Herbal Immunity

Staying well is akin to growing healthy vegetables – you don’t build resilient plants by spraying something on them after they’re established, you start with the foundation. You nurture the soil. For wellness, you nurture your immune system. Herbs and roots are powerful allies for the immune system. Even better, you can grow them yourself … Continue reading

XC Ski Family!

We’re eeking all the goodness we can out of this weird winter, mostly in the form of cross country skiing, skating on the river, and playing with the chickens in the snow (more on that later). After a green Christmas, we headed north to Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont for two days of skiing. … Continue reading