Posted in December 2011

CELEBRATE: The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas through a child’s eyes….is pure magic. We have been tracking Santa’s progress on NORAD all day, and besides being a great geography lesson, it has increased the anticipation factor heaps. And I have never seen my children get to bed faster than when we discovered Santa had zipped from Ireland to Iceland and was … Continue reading

NEWS: Impassioned Activism

Prepare to be inspired: from the New York Times article on the Climate Conference in South Africa: Mr. Stern’s (the U.S. envoy) statement to delegates from more than 190 nations at the annual climate conference was disrupted by a 21-year-old Middlebury College junior, Abigail Borah, who told the assembly that she would speak for the … Continue reading


Anyone who knows me well knows I *heart* Greg Brown. Okay, I don’t know him personally (and he’s married, to Iris Dement, and I’m married, for that matter), so what I really *heart* is his evocative songwriting, his deep voice (with surprising multi-octave range and vocal techniques), his mad guitar skills, his midwestern sensibility, and … Continue reading

Say the thing that you most need and the door will open wide

Two weeks ago the sweet little dumplings agreed to give our lovely Unitarian Universalist church another try and deemed it an acceptable endeavour.  I go for the kids’ spiritual education and for Rev. Elea Kemler’s amazing sermons. I’m totally ripping this off from Elea’s sermon last week – but it’s such a beautiful sentiment I can’t help … Continue reading

CELEBRATE: O’ Christmas Tree

We accelerated procurement of our Christmas tree per the sweet little dumplings’ request. Heck, if we’re going to cut a tree down, we may as well enjoy it as long as possible. We get teeny tiny trees that don’t take up much space in our wee little house, so it’s really not an imposition. Actually, … Continue reading


From a list of 100 some values, I narrowed those that resonated with me to the following group…and then chose eight that are most important to me. Amidst my day, I return to these values again and again, as a reminder of what I am striving for.


I recently finished a life design workshop called “Let’s Fly”, an offering of the Minerva Project and my friends Miranda and Ellen. In the process of making time and space for their own creative practices, they’ve utilized a wide array of tools to help them visualize their intentions, prioritize their desires, and balance their responsibilities. Let’s … Continue reading


Well, I finally did it. After 5 years of grumbling about lack of meaning and commercialization while I bought a Trader Joe’s chocolate-filled Advent calender at the very last minute, I have managed to make an Advent Calendar for the kids. Insisting on handmade additions to our holiday celebrations certainly ups the demands on my … Continue reading