CELEBRATE: ‘Tis the Season

I know it’s early, but these are good:

We have an annual tradition of watching Love Actually. My husband reminds me every year about this tradition but claims we do it all for me. Whatever, you big rom-com sap. There are multiple “best scenes”, but this one tops the list and is also the best marriage proposal scene ever (love you, Colin Firth)!

Okay, on to Christmas gifts. Some gifts for the kids are clearly a manifestation of our own wants. Yeah I’m lookin’ at you, husband, picking out Star Wars Lego sets for our son. And yeah I’m lookin’ at myself, because I found the most awesome game called Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure Game. It’s a cooperative game that teaches edible and medicinal plants and is designed to be as fun as “typical” board games. Move over, Legos, I can’t wait to play this with the kids on Christmas!


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