REMEMBER: Snowmaggedon

As I was flipping through October/November digital photos, I found these sad reminders of the snowpocalypse that hit New England on October 29-30th this year. This is what we saw Saturday night:

And this is what we saw on Sunday morning.

A maple, hawthorn, and cherry tree on top of the cars:

The maple tree in the middle of the patio split in half:

And a very, very sad girl saying goodbye to her favorite (and only) climbing tree:

Not to mention the hours of chainsawing, dragging brush, and hard shoveling it took to clean the place up; living without power for 3 days; and ruminating on the realities of climate change. Deciduous trees have evolved to drop their leaves before the snow flies. Start messing with the ecosystem in which they exist, and the chronology of the seasons, and there are repercussions.

The good that came of 3 days without power included a welcome reprieve from the digital age, dinners and evening by beeswax candlelight, long-simmering soups to warm up the kitchen (we had water, hot water, and stovetop but no heat),  “camping” at night with sleeping bags and hats in bed, and visits from friends (an upside also discussed in this post by a UMASS sustainability professor). It was a glimpse into what the “resilient” life I am dreaming of could look like. Except in that life we have a woodstove. And bees, so we can replenish our beeswax candles. And a grand old climbing tree perfect for a tree fort. I promised her I’d find that for her.


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