Posted in November 2011


We don’t have a bonafide root cellar, but after years of wishing for one I bought some crates and stored our homegrown potatoes in the basement on a shelf. They kept until February (dank and dark is an asset after all). We don’t have the pantry of my dreams, either, but this year we canned … Continue reading

CELEBRATE: ‘Tis the Season

I know it’s early, but these are good: We have an annual tradition of watching Love Actually. My husband reminds me every year about this tradition but claims we do it all for me. Whatever, you big rom-com sap. There are multiple “best scenes”, but this one tops the list and is also the best … Continue reading

SOUNDTRACK: What Makes You Alive?

What Makes You Alive? by Seth Bernard & May Erlewine. Seth & May anchor my soundtrack with songs of resilience, love, building immunity, renouncing materialism, and opening your arms wide to the beauty of the Earth and the collective potential of humankind. All in song. They are wise and visionary souls.

READ: Permaculture and Barnheart

In case anyone is interested in what the heck I am talking about when I say I want to create a permaculture homestead for my family, check out an article (from the NY Times, no less!) that describes one type of permaculture, home-scale agroforestry. It’s all about the birds and the bees and the flowers and … Continue reading

REMEMBER: Snowmaggedon

As I was flipping through October/November digital photos, I found these sad reminders of the snowpocalypse that hit New England on October 29-30th this year. This is what we saw Saturday night: And this is what we saw on Sunday morning. A maple, hawthorn, and cherry tree on top of the cars: The maple tree … Continue reading

PLAY: Chess

The sweet little dumplings learned how to play chess this weekend. All the credit goes to my husband, who taught them Saturday night while I hosted my book club group. The kids have been playing checkers for about a year but didn’t show much interest in chess. My daughter changed her mind abruptly after her … Continue reading


Recently overheard in our house: Seven Year Old: I don’t know if Santa really has magic. Five Year Old: Oh, Santa is definitely real. I know it. Seven Year Old: Yeah he’s definitely real, I just don’t believe he can fly in the sky with reindeer. Fortunately, Mama has a secret weapon just for this … Continue reading

CREATE: Monster Art

I have a whole list of earthy art projects involving natural wool felting, pressed clay leaves, dragonflies made from twigs and maple seeds, and acorn whistles to try with the kids….but today my son had other ideas. Great ideas! Armed with his new pack of skinny markers and three sheets of paper, he created a … Continue reading

CELEBRATE: 04-04-04

I’m undertaking the massive project of archiving our digital photos from the past seven years. The upside is that I get to revisit a million sweet memories! Here is perfection from 04-04-2004, one of my favorite pictures (and people!) of all time. She was perfect from the get-go. Talk about the beginning of a love … Continue reading