Left to My Own Devices

An unthinkable gift: a day to myself. Nearly 12 hours! And this is what I did:

Play guitar
Run for an hour in the woods
Harvest coriander and dill seeds from the garden
Thin the carrots
Three loads of laundry, wash, hang on line, fold
Scrub bathroom, wall to wall and ceiling to floor
Bake bread
Make rice milk
Make quinoa-black bean-mango salad
Listen to entire Ani Difranco discography
Make chickpea noodle soup
Clean kitchen after flurry of activity
Play guitar again
Go for a walk at sunset
Feed chickens greens from the garden
Drink Midas Touch Ale and listen to Prairie Home Companion (I’m from the northern Midwest, and that’s the way I roll)
Sew little snack bags for kids

I am just about beside myself with delight. Domestic and creative bliss, indeed.


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