Posted in September 2011

EXPLORE: A Meandering Path

November will mark the one year mark since I started my training in permaculture and garden design. First, a 6-month permaculture design course in Northampton, MA, and then a pro-bono garden design project for a friend. As expected, I learned heaps about the design process, forest gardening, urban landscapes, natural building, coppice agroforestry, comparative economics, … Continue reading

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

This is the draft text for a law in Bolivia that will recognize that Mother Earth, ecological systems and natural organisms have inherent rights, much as do humans. This feels deeply right to me. It’s also about 180 degrees from where we are now, but thanks to Bolivian environmental/climate change activitists for demanding that we recognize the … Continue reading

An Ordinary Day

Some days just feel right from the start. With Daddy off hiking 30 miles in the White Mountains, the dumplings and I awoke on Saturday morning with an empty day stretching before us. Depending on the kids’ moods, some days this triggers a feeling of panic in me if I don’t have a plan, but … Continue reading

Flat Daddy

Daddy recently spent the better part of a week in Chicago for work. The sweet little dumplings were beside themselves faced with the prospect of his absence – as Mike Myers would say, they were verklempt. In an effort to soothe their sadness and brighten Daddy’s day, we created a Flat Daddy. This, of course, was based … Continue reading

Purple Potatoes

Someone in our family insists he will only eat purple potatoes. No white potatoes, no red potatoes, no boiled potatoes, no baked potatoes, just purple potatoes. Mashed. Fine then. Last spring he helped me plant a row of purple potatoes just for him, and yesterday after his sister went off to the first day of school … Continue reading