Yes! M!chigan

Late July and early August found us in vacation mode in Leelanau County, Michigan, my childhood home. Yes! M!chigan was the state tourism board’s marketing tagline from the eighties, and while these slogans are typically cheesy, this one has stuck with me (formative childhood years and all). Yes! Beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline. Yes! Seeing my family (it’s been too long). Yes! Picking cherries. Yes! Eating cherry pie. Yes! Playing with cousins. Yes! Pilgrimage to Enerdyne (owned by Grandma and Grandaddy). Yes! 20th high school reunion. Yes! Grandaddy’s 70th birthday. Yes! Seeing my two best high school friends. Yes! Seeing my two best college friends. Yes! Visiting the place we got married. Yes! Being home.
Really, it couldn’t have been any better. It could have been more relaxing, since we jammed a lot of activity in a short period of time, but the many visits to the beach (@ Port Oneida, Good Harbor, Empire, Omena Bay, and Suttons Bay) helped restore us after busy bouts. The weather was gorgeous and the winds were onshore, so the lake water was warm. It occurred to me that vacation in Leelanau County was the summer tradition I had been dreaming of for the sweet little dumplings’ childhood. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me until this year. Nonetheless, we’ll be going back next summer. And the next. And the next. You get the picture.

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