Posted in July 2011

Drawing Studio

Art -in the form of drawing and painting – is not my forte. This was made very clear to me by my elementary school art teacher, and I have not since tried to prove her wrong. Putting pen/pencil/paintbrush to paper to create art is a bit overwhelming to me – where to start? I do enjoy art time … Continue reading

July at the Ocean

It’s been hot hot hot this July – too many days over 90 degrees and last weekend, a few over 100 degrees. When we need more to beat the heat than the local pool, we head to the ocean. 60 degree water? That’ll cool ya down in a hurry.


These postcards, a la Bread & Puppet, hang in my kitchen and remind me several times daily what we are (and are not) striving for as a family. Resistance of the mind against the supremacy of money Resistance of the worthlessness of the machine operated details of life Resistance of the heart against business as … Continue reading

Big Birthday Boy

Someone in our family just turned FIVE. He is a big boy now, and announced that he would no longer need bedtime snuggles from Mama. This lasted two heartbreaking nights and now I am much more grateful for our nightly snuggles. This boy has been bombarded with arts & crafts & dolls & playing mommies-and-daddies … Continue reading

Hula Hoopin’

I finally learned to hula hoop at the Wanderlust Yoga & Music festival in Vermont a few weeks ago. It’s like riding a bike – once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Until then, it’s a bit of a mystery. The sweet little dumplings loved it, so we decided to make our own weighted hula … Continue reading

Cherries & Gleaning & Jammin’, Oh My!

A friend in town has a tart cherry tree. To most folks, this is barely interesting trivia. To me, it is thrilling to the core. I grew up in Suttons Bay, Michigan, which is located on the Leelanau Peninsula (the “little finger” of Michigan). The peninsula extends 30 miles into Lake Michigan, which moderates the … Continue reading