Posted in June 2011

What’s for Dinner? :: Kid-Friendly

In an effort to break out of the menu rut we’ve been in, I spent last Friday night poring through my cookbooks looking for new recipes. My criteria: they must be simple, kid-friendly, and incorporate our eggs & fresh garden produce. Here are the winners so far: Tomato Soup & Toasted Parmesan Crisps from Salad … Continue reading

Sweet Dreams, All Y’All

This is the scene I found when I went to tuck in Little Miss A last night. It takes her 15 minutes just to “get set up”. Who knew sleeping amongst such a menagerie could encourage such sweet slumber?

Sewing Bee

All the weekend had in store for us was rain, so we did something completely out of character: nothing. No agenda. Just bits and pieces of things, and lots of laziness. Well, mostly. Both of the kids adore their teachers, and since both of those teachers are expecting their first babies we thought homemade baby … Continue reading

Here, Now

My boys, goin’ down to the river to do some fishin’. Z, what did you catch?  “One sunny.” What else? “One perch.” What else? “No trout. Not cold enough.” Anything else? “A shark.”

Vermont :: Wisdom of the Herbs

The last stop of our Memorial Day Weekend vacation was a guided edible & medicinal plant identification walk at Wisdom of the Herbs School in Woodbury, Vermont (north of Montpelier). The director of the school, Annie, guided us through plant identification in field, roadside, rich woods, and wetland habitats. I loved having my entire family there … Continue reading

Vermont :: Mt. Mansfield

We found our way back to Underhill State Park in Vermont for Memorial Day weekend camping and hiking. Ironically we left the sunny weather behind at home and had rain for the majority of the weekend. Somehow, though, it all worked out in the end and we had a fantastic adventure that included smores and crazy eights … Continue reading