Posted in May 2011

The Tide Has Turned

Life feels so poignant lately. I know things are always changing, but suddenly the change feels so perceptible. The warm weather and his preference for shorts have revealed my son’s legs, which sometime in the last year while hidden under pants shed their toddleresque curves and became long, strong boy legs. I am grateful for his good health … Continue reading

A Dress for My Best Girl

In April my sweet little A and I had a girls’ day which included hiking, antiquing, and lunch. We found a few yards of seersucker fabric at an antique shop that shouted “summer dress!” Fast forward a few months, get my priorities in order, and here it is! I’ve made this same pattern (Miss Madeline by … Continue reading


There is much to get excited about in the garden these days! The plants and seeds are nearly all planted and we’re harvesting rhubarb, lettuce, kale, arugula, sorrel, spinach, and turkish rocket. The rhubarb muffins & rhubarb-sorrel crisp were good, but today’s rhubarb pie gets top billing. Pure, unadulterated rhubarb taste (okay, maybe a little … Continue reading

Monday Magic

We had our second consecutive blissful Monday yesterday. Who knew? After a rotten Friday when I was ready to admit mama-ing defeat, along comes a day that couldn’t be more ordinary and lovely. After getting my girl on the bus, little dumpling Z and I headed for Trader Joe’s, spent a wad of cash on everything … Continue reading

Creative Intentions 5/23/2011

With Miranda at Studio Mothers as mentor & inspiration, I’m embarking on a more formal process of making the time to integrate my creative endeavours into my mama life.  There is never enough time for everything I want to do, but there is more time than I think if I prioritize with that intention in … Continue reading

An Ordinary Day

Monday was a perfectly ordinary day with my boy. We hit our rhythm early and the goodness just flowed throughout the day.  Perhaps we were inspired by the constant lull of rain (will it ever stop?). It started with a game of Tier auf Tier (the extended and rule-bending version, the only way he plays anything … Continue reading