Things We Do in Winter for Fun

When I married John I was pretty sure he’d make a great father. One of his strengths is that he’s really good at playing. He can make a game out of anything. Like two kids, eight chickens, and snow.

They built the hens a nest on a sunny winter’s day.

Complete with sticks (pruned from the apple trees) so their feet don’t get cold.

I’d say he’s a keeper. I’m pretty sure the kids (and the hens) agree!

2 thoughts on “Things We Do in Winter for Fun

  1. Jane.

    What a beautiful blog and what a beautiful family (and chickens). My dear friend in California is becoming a permaculture queen and I’m excited to send your blog along to her.

    I looked for a contact page so I could send you an email, but I couldn’t find one. Would you send me your email? I have a few links I’d like to share with you.


    • Oh! Thanks for your kind words. I applaud you for your honest blog and often think of your words. You can email me at janemetzger at hotmail dot com. I would love to connect with more permie folks!

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