Posted in February 2011

Winter Reading List

There are nights when I collapse in front of the TV for some mindless gluttony, and in the best case scenario I salvage the time by getting some laundry folded. Then there are the good nights: I work on my permaculture design, or do some back stretches, or listen to kirtan, or read. And then there are … Continue reading

Friday: Choices. Big choices.

All this Valentines love stuff has got me thinking. The sweet little dumplings and I started making valentines in January, to leave plenty of time to enjoy the process instead of starting late and worrying about meeting product quotas (kids only work so fast, and tend to be temperamental about their craft). So we spent a … Continue reading

24-Hours of Perfection

Just a little bit o’ gratitude for the perfect mid-winter bit o’ loveliness, totally unplanned, and totally perfect: Saturday p.m. ~ The aforementioned Moonlit Ski and Pub outing on Saturday night Sunday a.m. ~ Waffles and blueberries for Mama + kids; Daddy does yoga Sunday midday ~ Mama gets a ridiculously awesome full-body massage while Daddy + … Continue reading

Moonlight Valentine

I’m a practical girl. My husband doesn’t bother with jewelry or fine French cuisine for me on Valentines Day – oh no. Instead, he just says “yes” when I suggest we go XC skiing at night, in the moonlight. And that is why we’re a perfect pair – he’s my love, my best friend, and … Continue reading

Friday: Choices

Sunday I chose to learn a little, love a little, and laugh a little every day. I totally stole the sentiment from Rob at One Straw. His “About Me” description could truly be written about me (if you change wife to husband, Wisconsin to Massachusetts, VW Golf to Prius, father to mama, and husband to … Continue reading

Bye, Bye Mr. Texie Pie

Tex was our first baby cat, arriving into our lives while we lived in Texas (hence the name). He was a feisty little guy with a loyal heart. Unbeknownst to us when we got him, he was a Maine Coon, so the feisty little guy grew up to be a lumbering mass of muscle. He … Continue reading

Friday: Choices

In concert with A Year of Choice at Bluebird Baby, I’m committing to a practice of empowering myself by focusing on joy and beauty and happiness. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a glass-half-full kind of girl. Unfortunate, but true. But after several days of waking up, trudging downstairs, and staring at the coffeepot with a heavy … Continue reading

PDC: Goals Articulation

I just finished the goals articulation process for my permaculture design project. “Finish” is a misnomer because it’s an ongoing process, but this initial attempt will help guide me as I start the actual design. I loved the goals articulation process. I typically start implementing a gardening idea before I finish formulating it, which I don’t … Continue reading