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And their christmas lists: AvaLettertoSanta2010 and ZakLettertoSanta2010.


 The sweet little dumplings and I have been celebrating Advent this year. We’ve always counted down the December days until Christmas, but I wanted to imbue that countdown with more meaning. I incorporated some suggestions from the Waldorf tradition, which celebrates the four weeks of Advent by lighting a candle each week. The first is … Continue reading

Permaculture Design Class #4 (12/4/2010)

The first two classes of the PDC course focused on the inequities that exists in our society and effectively set the stage for the Permaculture solution. Class #3 included a tour of an urban food forest garden in Holyoke and Nuestras Raices, “a grass-roots organization that promotes economic, human and community development in Holyoke through projects … Continue reading