Posted in September 2010

25 Years and Running

I am a runner. Most of you know this. But the last few years I have been feeling less and less like I can say that. As they say, “it’s complicated.” I started running 25 years ago in junior high school. I was the ugly duckling on the basketball team who sat the bench. Volleyball … Continue reading

First Grade

My six-year old made a little book documenting her first week as a first grader:  First_Week_2010. She can be a bit on the shy side (and that would be putting it mildly), but she seems to have hit the ground running. It’s so heartening to see her enjoying this new experience, and I love to see how she … Continue reading

Downeast Maine

We took our New England summer camping tour/blitz to Downeast Maine to celebrate Daddy’s birthday. We started this birthday tradition for him last year at a sweet campground/organic farm called Recompence Shore Campground near Freeport, Maine. He was so delighted with cake around the campfire that we vowed to continue the tradition. This year, we drove another few hours further “up the coast” (to us … Continue reading

Zero Waste Update

I’ve made progress in creating a zero-waste household, but of course we’re far from it. For years we’ve typically set out curbside 1/2 to 1 can of trash plus the recycling bin. That hasn’t changed much so far, but I’ll tell you what has: Our awareness. It’s interesting what you see when you take a step back, … Continue reading