July 29, 2010

Ten years ago, I married John on a beautiful summer day. It was a perfect day. A brief rain shower held off until after the ceremony and relatives waylaid in Chicago by bad weather (including the mother of the groom!) arrived in time thanks to their valiant effort and a lot of good luck. We said our vows in front of about 70 dear friends and family in a grove of old maple trees on top of a hill overlooking Omena Bay in Michigan. I remember a very long kiss, and guests laughing as it continued.

 I remember the wedding flowers, planted on Memorial Day, coaxed and watered by my folks, harvested the day before the wedding, and arranged by family and friends. I remember the food, wholesome and fresh and beautiful and *mostly* vegetarian, and the local beer and wine. I remember being overwhelmed that so many people who are very dear to us were all in one place, at one time. I remember feeling so loved.

 And then we were off on our journey together, which took us from a honeymoon in Alaska to our remaining time in Texas, 5 months backpacking out West, to Massachusetts and new jobs and a fixer upper house and two babies. I am more of a homebody than adventurer by nature, but doing all these things came naturally because John makes me feel rooted. I feel at home with him, no matter where we are. I wish I had written this song  (but thank goodness someone did), because it pretty much sums it up.

 John is my best friend and he supports me and he loves me because of who I am and what I do (and sometimes in spite of those things!). He expands my horizons and makes life fun. He likes to play and he likes to work. He is dependable and has integrity. He knows the right thing to say and when to say it. He knows himself and is confident. He loves watermelon, olives, cucumbers, and white cake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles best. He reads and actually remembers baseball stats. His favorite movie genre is romantic comedies. Sometimes he has facial hair, and sometimes he doesn’t. He’s really good looking. I love him for all these reasons, and so many more.

 In celebration of our tenth anniversary we spent four days backpacking in Baxter State Park. After seven years of focusing on home and hearth and our children it was such a refreshing reminder of who we are individually and who we are together. Just the two of us. We had one of the most relaxing days of our lives and one of the most grueling, and we loved every minute.

Katahdin, July 2010

Happy Anniversary, John. Home is wherever I am with you.


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